Foldable living containers

Foldable living containers (3)


Size: 7085 * 6160 * 7715 mm (W * L * H)
Packing Type: 5800 * 2500 * 580 mm (L * H * W) / single
Type: Flatpack
Combined way: 4 container connected and stacked


Office, Accommodation, Reception room, Temporary living room, Villa, Vocation village, Filed working house (camping, drilling, construction and exploration, hotel, rural inn, kiosk, booth, sentry box, police office, scenic room, etc.

We accept individual requests and provide variety of design to meet all kinds of customer's needs. Our integrated production system provides opportunity to assemble modular house easily and quickly.

Foldable living containers

Standard Configuration

Base Frame: Section Steel Welding Parts
Wall Material: Color Steel
Roof Frame: Steel Welding Parts + Strength Board+ Insulation Board +Waterproof Parts + Anti-Voice Parts
Column: Section Steel Welding Parts
Wall Thickness: 50mm
Wall Sandwich Panel Material: Fireproof Phenolic Foam
Ceiling: Integrated PF/PVC ceiling board
Door: Steel Door with door stopper, lock and key
Electric System: Main wires, Air-breaker, Single Switch, LED Lamp, Socket, Industrial Plug
Window: 5mm Double Glazed Aluminum Alloy Window
Interior Flooring: Wood-plastic Board+ Waterproof Covering+ Laminated Wood Board
Others: Wall-decoration line, Corner-decoration line, Small tools, Installation manuals and etc.

Optional Configuration

Wall Material: Wall Painting Board, Alucobond, Particle Board,
Interior Flooring: Glass magnesium board, Solid Wood Board, Ceramic Tile, Self-Heat Board, PVC covering
Wall Sandwich Panel Material: EPS, Rockwool, Fiberglass, PU, XPS
Wall Thickness: 75mm or 100mm
Sanitary System: Plumbing system, Waterproof Board, Toilet, Hand Basin, Shower.
Energy Supply: Solar Panel with converter and ammeter
Interior Decoration: Wood-plastic Board, Solid Wood Board, and Covering, etc,.
Floor Plan: Room Four
Exterior Decoration: Wood-plastic Board, PVC Decoration Board, Carved Board
Ceiling: Integrated Aluminum Ceiling system




① Modular design for easy installation and transportation ② Factory premade electricity and piping system ③ Light steel structure, anti-earthquake ④ Warm insulation and Fireproof wall material ⑤ Different indoor layout designs for various requests
⑥ Exquisite workmanship, Good Air-Tight house ⑦ Few foundation request, no harm to earth, save time and cost ⑧ Modular parts all premade in factory, Easy and Fast work on site, 95% item can be recycled, we focus on Environmental for years ⑨ With flatpack design, movable,low transport and stock fee