Horizontal Capsules


Application area

  • Mini-hotels, hostels, theme hotels.
  • Popular scenic areas in cities with a high rate of people movements
  • Companies that need dormitories and shift jobs
  • Kinder gardens with full day nurses
  • Military camps
  • Mobile projects, such as the towns of geologists for mining or construction sites.
  • Recreation areas, railway stations, airports, etc.

Business attractiveness

  • 3 times faster rate of return in comparison with regular hotels
  • New level of comfort and club-style accommodation for visitors
  • Extremely low maintenance cost




1. Equipment was developed in France, manufactured in China
2. All equipment will be packed in a cardboard box
3. Minimal order – 20 capsules
4. Payment conditions: bank transfer –  50% deposit to start production, than – 50% before shipment
5. One year warranty, as well as the training of an engineer and an individual project for free
6. Terms of delivery EXW / FOB / CIF / DDP